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The "Finn"ale

More info from our Finnish sportswriting connection.  I'm on the road and don't have access to my usual templates so forgive the lack of graybox quoting.

Honka Playboys had their first loss of the season last night, losing 99-80 against KTP Basket in an away game. Honka still played without their
American players and their team captain. Petteri Koponen played full 40 minutes, scoring 32 points, dishing 4 assist (4 turnovers), grabbing
 three rebounds and stealing the ball once.

Koponen's final stats from the month of November are:

Pts 21,4
Ast 4,1 (To 3,1)
Reb 3,9
St 2,1
2p .556
3p .458
Ft .810