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Since I couldn't give you my own recap here are a couple of others:

Jason Quick hits the 48 minute theme.

Mike Barrett praises the Pacers and Outlaw.

A note on the Oregonian recap...

There's a quote in there that has been commonplace among all the Blazers lately.  Rough translation:  "We lost because we were missing shots we're capable of hitting."  OK, one or two games I buy that.  When it's said every other day...not so much.  At what point do you admit that you're NOT getting shots you can hit, that you're too covered, too far out on the court, or too invested in the wrong people shooting?  After a certain sample size "shots you can hit" starts to equal "shots you do hit".   We're not quite there yet, but we're getting closer to the time that this statement will be false by definition.  I wonder if we shouldn't be working on solutions before then.

--Dave (