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Dave Is An Idiot

I had commitments tonight so I set my Tivo to record the game as usual.  Except I forgot to, you know, put the right CHANNEL on the recording.  So I ended up with three hours of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune instead of the game.  That SERIOUSLY hampers my ability to do a recap especially since I'm a snob and refuse to do one based on boxscore stats alone.  So let's switch up this time.  Let me ask the questions and you guys do the recap, perhaps answering my questions and adding whatever else you think was important.  I will look forward to reading the comments of those of you who saw the game.

  1.  What the sam heck got into Travis Outlaw?  First of all where did he come up with the cajones to take 21 shots?  Second he must have been on FIRE.  How did it look?  Finally, he only got five trips to the line, which means most of those 21 shots must have been jumpers.  Is that accurate and if so doesn't he realize he could get 20 every night if he just attacked a little?
  2. Brandon had 10 rebounds and 8 assists, which are phenomenal numbers.  But 4-14 shooting?  What was going on?
  3.  Did Joel start again?  And did Lamarcus play a lot of center since Frye got a DNP-CD?  How did that all work out?
  4.  I see 26 assists on 36 made shots, which is good.  I see 90 attempts to the Pacers' 76, which is phenomenal.  The Pacers only shot 43%.  Points off turnovers were equal.  But they got twice and many free throw attempts as we did.  Let me guess...we chucked jumpers all game while they drove?  If not, why did we lose?
Let me know.

--Dave (