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How Good Are We?

There's one thing I've noticed about this recent run that I think is inarguable:  Losing 6 out of 7 makes people a little grumpy.  It's pretty easy to point out the flaws in our roster now that they are exposed:  not enough big men, inexperienced foundation, backcourt players with too many gaps in their skill set.  Repetition sometimes makes flaws seem more dire than they are, however.  So today I want to step back and take a broader perspective.

The idea is simple:  I'm going to name 8 or 9 teams with better records right now than the Blazers (one of which may even beat us tonight).  Just tell me in the comment section which of these teams you'd trade for the current Blazers.  And by "trade" I don't mean you get this roster now and get ours back later...I mean for keeps.  If a GM from one of these teams called you and said, "I'll trade my roster for yours straight up:  Roy, Lamarcus, injured Oden, Blake, Sergio, Travis, the works..." in which of these cases would you do it?

Toronto  (7-7)
New Jersey  (7-8)
Milwaukee (7-5)
Indiana (7-8)
Washington  (7-7)
Charlotte  (6-8)
Denver  (9-6)
L.A. L*kers  (8-6)
New Orleans  (10-6)

Any takers for any of these teams?

--Dave (