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November Jersey Contest Game 10 Form

Only two games left until we discover who is walking away from November with a new Blazers' jersey in hand!

On this form you get 20 for getting the winner right and 10 for each question, plus a max of 30 for the score predictions.

Game 10 Form
Final Score:
 Blazers   Pacers
Question 1: Who is the game's overall leading scorer (either team)?
Question 2:  Which team has a higher assist-to-turnover ratio, the BLAZERS or PACERS?
Question 3:  Which duo has more total rebounds, DANNY GRANGER+TROY MURPHY or LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE+MARTELL WEBSTER?
Question 4: Does Sergio Rodriguez play OVER or UNDER 11.5 minutes?
Question 5:  Which team attempts more three-pointers, the BLAZERS or PACERS?

Good luck!

--Dave (