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Bobblehead Madness

The Great Bobblehead Contest is over!  Both contestants gave it their all.  It's time for the results.

Sacramento Game Form
Final Score:
 Blazers 87  Kings 84
Question 1:  Which team has more blocks?--Blazers
Question 2:  Who scores more, Frye or Douby?--Frye (4 to 0)
Question 3:  Which team gets more total rebounds?--Blazers
Question 4:  Who attempts more 3-pointers, Webster or Martin?--Martin
Stat Predictions
Martell's Rebounds--9
Joel's Points--4
Roy's Assists--8

Ben and I both predicted the winners correctly and we tied on the questions, each missing one.  I was better in the stats but he was far closer on the score.  (I expected more of an offensive spree.)  As it turns out the final score was Ben 55, Dave 50 so the two Oden Bobbleheads will go to Fir Grove Elementary in Beaverton!  Thanks Ben, and enjoy your five point bragging rights...until NEXT year.

--Dave (