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Bobblehead Fun

I got an e-mail from Ben at the other day.  He had read my story about all of the nifty acts of kindness that went on when I was at last weekend's Blazer games.  He said giving away an extra Oden Bobblehead sounded like a fine idea to him.  I told him I'd join him.  So here's what we're going to do.

For this Friday's game against Sacramento there will be a special contest to replace the normal Jersey Contest.  It will have the same format, but there will be only two participants:  myself and Ben.  We are each going to put up an Oden bobblehead.  Whoever wins the contest will have the privilege of donating both bobbleheads to their former elementary school, Fir Grove Elementary (in Beaverton) in Ben's case and Laurelhurst Elementary (in Portland) mine.  Accompanying the bobbleheads will be a note to the principal saying these are donated and to please find a couple of kids who love the Blazers and might not get much at Christmas otherwise.  

This will be the contest form Ben and I will use.  Predicting the winner will be worth 20, each bonus question worth 10, and stat predictions worth up to 40 for a total of 100 points possible.

Special Oden Bobblehead Donation Contest Form
Final Score:
 Blazers    Kings
Question #1:  Which team will get more blocked shots?
Question #2:  Who will score more, Quincy Douby or Channing Frye?
Question #3  Which team will get more total rebounds?
Question #4:  Who makes more three-pointers, Martell Webster or Kevin Martin?
Stat Predictions:
How many rebounds will Martell Webster have?
How many points will Joel Przybilla score?
How many assists will Brandon Roy have?

I am more than willing to take advice on how I should predict so help me out, Blazersedge readers...for the honor of the site and Laurelhurst elementary!

--Dave (