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November Jersey Contest: Game 7 Form

Another game on Monday!  Here's the form.  Remember the deadline is the top of the hour before tip-off on Monday!

You get 20 points for predicting the winner, 10 for each question, and up to 30 more for being close on the final score.

Just copy and paste this exact form into the comment section of this post and fill it in to enter!

Game 7 Form:
Final Score:
 Blazers  Bobcats
Question 1:  Which team has more players score in double figures, PORTLAND or CHARLOTTE?
Question 2:  Who is the game's assist leader (could be from either team)?
Question 3:  Which team has a higher three-point shooting percentage, PORTLAND or CHARLOTTE?
Question 4:  Who gets more total rebounds, EMEKA OKAFOR or PRZYBILLA+WEBSTER COMBINED?
Question 5:  Who gets the Blazers' first dunk?  (Note that "Nobody" is a legitimate answer.)

Good luck all!

--Dave (