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November Jersey Contest:: The Washedelphia Seventy-Wizards

Here's the form for the weekend games.  It follows the exact same pattern as the last one:  20 for getting winners right, 10 for each question, plus a 2-point bonus question.

All forms must be posted in the comment section of this post by the top of the hour before tipoff on Friday.  This is all one form and should be completed as a whole.

Jersey Contest Game 6 Form:

  1.  Who wins, PORTLAND or PHILADEPHIA?
  2.  Which duo combines for more points, ROY+WEBSTER or IGUODALA+MILLER?
  3.  Which team gets more steals, PORTLAND or PHILADELPHIA?
  4.  Who scores the first Blazer points of the second quarter?
  1.  Who wins, PORTLAND or WASHINGTON?
  2.  Who is the game's overall leading scorer?  (Could be on either team.)
  3.  Who has more combined points+rebounds, ANTAWN JAMISON or LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE?
  4.  Which team gets more defensive rebounds, PORTLAND or WASHINGTON?
Special 2-point Bonus Question:  Which Blazer will have the most personal fouls over the two games combined?

Good luck everybody!

--Dave (