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Bobblehead Wisdom

I don't usually talk about our polls, as they pretty much speak for themselves, but I must point out the results of our recently-concluded "Non-Standard Bobblehead" poll here.

The question was which non-standard Blazer Bobblehead you'd most like to see.  Owner Paul Allen came in third with 87 votes, which was narrowly behind the top two:

#2  Kevin Pritchard with 93 votes

And the member of the Blazer family you'd most like to see immortalized with his own bobblehead:

Greg Oden's four-footed protégé Barkley McLovin.

I assume if you pressed a button that one would say, "Yo quiero chicken strips!"

In other news Channing Frye got fewer votes than Strength and Conditioning Coach Bobby Medina.  Oh how the mighty have fallen...

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