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The Detrenver Nuggstons Jersey Contest Form

We are squishing the Tuesday and Wednesday games into one form to save time and strain.  You will get 20 points for picking each winner correctly, 10 points for each other question, and 2 points for a special bonus question (designed to let people still win t-shirts).  There will be no score predictions on this form.

As always, copy and paste the form exactly into the comment section of this post.  Deadline is the top of the hour right before Tuesday's Detroit game.

Game 5 Prediction Form:
Question 1:
Who wins Tuesday, PORTLAND or DETROIT?
Question 2:  Who is the leading overall scorer in the game?  (Could be a Blazer or a Piston.)
Question 3:  Which team shoots a higher overall percentage, PORTLAND or DETROIT?
Question 4:  Which Blazer attempts the most free throws?
Question 5:
 Who wins Wednesday, PORTLAND or DENVER?
Question 6:  Do both teams combine for OVER or UNDER 203.5 points?  
Question 7: Of these players, who grabs the most total rebounds:  ROY, JACK, WEBSTER, or BLAKE?
Question 8:  Who makes the last Blazer 3-point shot of the game?
Special 2-point Bonus Question:  Will the spread between scores be higher in the DETROIT game or the DENVER game?

Good luck all!

--Dave (