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Blazersedge Night

Thanks to everyone who participated in Blazersedge Night at the Garden.  What a great game to see together!  It was a good start for an experimental idea.  I had fun meeting everybody and it sure was loud in our section!

Reflections from the night:

--It needs to be said up front that hands down the best part of the night was seeing all those kids!  Together we sent over 40 people from Lane Middle School, the Brown Middle School After School Program, the Well Community Church, and Common Ground Church.  There were a ton of smiles on faces and everyone was cheering loudly. As someone who basically makes a living relating to people I can tell you it was evident from moment one that these were some really special groups--the kids and adults both. They all said thanks so thank YOU everyone who helped send them. When we do this again next year I think this definitely needs to be part of it.  If I think about it more I will start to sniffle so let me just say thanks again.

--I had forgotten how loud they keep that arena!  I trust everyone had fun talking with their neighbors.  I realize we didn't get much community interaction time as a whole.  Next year we will have either an after-party or before-party.  Maybe we'll try to find an early weekend game to make that easier.

--Next year we will also go a little later in the season and try to convince the Blazers to let us purchase tickets directly.  Both of those will up attendance.  70+ was a great start, but 100+ is within reach!

THANK YOU ALL.  It was a great time!  This is a great community.  Also special thanks to Nate for organizing tickets and to Dan Son for coordinating the kids' groups.  Dan, will you join us again when we do this next year?

Pictures are behind the "click here for more" link below.  Enjoy.

--Dave (

The above picture was taken just after Sergio streaked through for autographs.  (C=

Of course the night wouldn't be complete without a picture of The Scoreboard.