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Barrett Steals My Thunder

The only update among the usual sources so far today is Mike Barrett, who gives us a look at the extended layover in San Antonio.  Among other things Brandon Roy practiced extra hard, New Orleans on Halloween scares coach, and Taurean Green is all wet.

Barrett also makes a few good preview points about the game coming up on Friday, which is technically my gig!  He actually stole a few that I was going to make too!  (sigh)  

I guess I have two alternatives:

  1.  Start posting my previews earlier. Hmmmm...Ready for Game 62 anyone?
  2.  Return the favor by getting in jabs at Mike Rice, which is one of his mainstays.
I haven't decided which route to take yet, so...

We should be able to barbeque Milwaukee's perimeter defenders on March 7th.  And I hear Rice wears Scooby Doo boxers, but only because they didn't have Dora the Explorer in his size.

Take THAT! (Insert smiley emoticon here.)

--Dave (

P.S. Joe Freeman gives us more reading material with this story about Brandon Roy's reaction to his off game.