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Anticipating the Season

Since we've picked up a fair number of new readers this summer it might be informative to give you a preview of what happens around here during the season.  It's really night-and-day different than the summer.  We still have plenty of conversation but there's not as much time for wholly theoretical stuff unless it shows up in the diaries.  On the main page we keep up with news, which comes at a considerably quicker pace.  We do the Quick Chat reviews as you've seen and discuss the ramification of potential (or actual) changes to the team such as trades, injuries, recoveries, etc.  In addition you'll see all these regular features:

--An in-depth preview of every game and every opponent each game day.
--Gameday Open Threads for you to post comments before, during, and after games.
--Live coverage and discussion of many games hosted by yours truly.  These can often generate hundreds of comments as we all watch and reflect on the game together.  (It's like watching with your friends except you have a hundred of them and they're all on their own couches.)
--Post-game recap and analysis after each game.
--Monthly prediction contests in which you can win great (and semi-expensive) Blazer prizes.  Last year we gave away a jersey every month and a whole gob of stuff for a grand-prize playoff at the end of the season.  If prices remain steady jerseys will also be the prize this year.  If not we'll find something good.

I'm sending my fingers to typing training camp to keep up with all of that, so make your plans now to join us every day during the season.

--Dave (