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Monday News

Joe Freeman has the long-awaited article on the Blazers' new shooting coach.

Brian Hendrickson has a nice supplement to his Sunday article on Martell Webster's turning over of a new leaf.

I've said for years that we'd know the team was back when we got through a whole pre-season without hearing one, single reform story on any of the players.  We almost got there this year, with Darius Miles and Martell giving us minor ones.  I guess technically that means we're almost back.  I do wonder if Martell's new spirit will continue if he doesn't get much playing time.

Oh, and in case you've forgotten them it might be helpful to review the Ten Commandments of Pre-Season.  The team is in a little different place this year so not all of them apply equally to the Blazers, but they're sensible (and possibly amusing) nevertheless.

--Dave (