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Blazersedge Night at the Garden: We Did Well

As you know a few weeks ago we put out a request for help buying tickets for needy kids to go to the Blazersedge Night at the Garden on November 9th against Memphis.  It started as these things usually do...with one generous person saying, "I want to buy an extra ticket for somebody who might need to go."  We announced we had an extra seat and I got an e-mail from a nice fellow who said, "If it isn't claimed yet, I work with kids who would love to go but don't have the chance.  Can I send one?"  I asked him to hold on, that maybe we could get a couple more tickets for the kids.  That's when we turned and asked you guys.

In the last three weeks I've had letters from East Coast folks, West Coast folks, from the Midwest, Southwest, Deep South, even an e-mail from overseas.  Firefighters, military personnel, business owners, college kids, grandmas and grandpas, even other bloggers...they all sent something.

I'm happy to announce that after three weeks of folks pouring their hearts into it, we will be sending forty one kids to the Rose Garden that Friday night.  The response was so much more than we expected that we had to ask the Blazers for extra tickets and they reserved every seat that was left in the section for us.  It should be a fantastic night, thanks to all of you.  This is easily the best thing we've ever done at Blazersedge and will remain so for a long time.  

Thank you.

--Dave (