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Morning News

To start off the morning Jason Quick has the latest skinny on Brandon Roy's feet and ankles.  The verdict:  try to get a refund for those pre-season tickets.  Didn't they promise you Roy would play?

For those who are asking, by the way, the curse will be officially dispersed one week from Saturday, burn pile and all.  We'll announce what's going on and provide pictures and such.  Just cross your fingers that Lamarcus Aldridge doesn't trip and get a concussion before then,  falling right on Channing Frye's knee, blowing out the knee and causing Frye to involuntarily spasm, leading to the ball he was holding flying from his hands and hitting the back of Sergio's head, causing his left eyeball to fall out of its socket which grosses Jarrett Jack out so much he runs away and never comes back.

That would be bad.

In brighter news Brent Hunsberger gives us this article on the simultaneous increase, yet availability, of tickets.

And by the way a little bird told me that Blazersedge Night at the Garden will probably also be Greg Oden Bobblehead night.  Bonus to all who are going.  We will have an official announcement about how many kids we helped tomorrow morning.

Brian Hendrickson gives us some discussion of the Brandon Roy surgery decision tree in his blogs.  Also as Brian and several other sources are reporting James Jones is not practicing either due to a sore left knee.

I don't know folks...I've heard many a coach in the middle of a miserable season say, "It started when we didn't have everybody in training camp.  We never quite got it together."  I know it's just pre-season, but still this could be going better.

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