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Jersey Contest Results

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...the Jersey Contest Results.

A quick reminder:  When entering please copy and paste the form exactly as I post it.  Don't reverse the team order.  Don't create your own form.  Leave notes or comments above or below the form and not in it.  With so many people participating I really need to see the exact same format every time I look at the page.  It saves me time.

Normally I would post everybody's score in alphabetical order but since there's only one game in this month's contest that would be a waste of time.  I only listed the people who finished close.  (You don't really want to know if you were 114th anyway, right?)

The October champion and our first jersey winner of 2007-08 is...

DJ  with 87 points!!!

Note there was more than one person with DJ in their moniker.  This is just plain "DJ" (from Eugene).

The folks who got close were:

JTDuck22 86
T Darkstar  86
TFan  86
Jamon51  85
PTownJake  84
Broggerboy19  83
Trailtime  83
OutsidetheKnow  83
IDog1976  82
Blazermaniac32  82
OldBaum  81
Red22  81
Macnepdx 81
Jaketron  81
GimmeIme  81
MavetheGreat  81
BlazerBandit  80

November's contest starts with Friday's game!  DJ can't participate but you can!  I look forward to it.

--Dave (