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Opening Night Stanzas

Official Blazersedge Poet Laureate Dr. Dave continues to distinguish himself as he submits the following for opening day:


                     Here We Go!

It's not quite what we bargained for
Our roster's kinda thin
But what you see is what you get
The season must begin

A little duct tape...some baling wire
We're almost good as new
A tweaking here, an adjustment there
Bring on that Texas crew

To you, the fans, we do implore
Look deep, beneath the skin
If on the outside we look green
A lion lurks within

For in our young and vibrant heart
We've not allowed to creep
The fatal notion some believe
That champions can't be beat

So come along, enjoy the ride
We're going to make you cheer
And don't forget what's coming yet
It only gets better from here


Thanks Dr. Dave!

Oh, and to head off the inevitable comments and confusion, for the 639,228th time DR. DAVE and BLOGGER DAVE are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.  This is not my poem, it is his.  This is not his blog, it is mine.  Capiche?

You can tell that immediately anyway because I would have found a way to work "beer" into that last stanza.

--Dave (