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I'll move the Gameday Open Thread back to the top of the page this afternoon, but just in case you didn't catch the season previews...

Brian Hendrickson has an excellent one here.

Jason Quick's is here.

And, inducing a chuckle from me, Joe Freeman previews (what else?) the scoreboard.

That's right, the scoreboard got its own season preview.  I wonder if this practice will continue?

2008-2009 Season Preview:

The Scoreboard is looking good again this year.  It put in a lot of hours at the gym and appears visibly slimmer.  Last year it was young and didn't always know which plays to show, but this year the team is expecting it to be right on top of the action.  When asked about those expectations it said, "I want to show the playoffs.  That's my goal."  The Scoreboard will need to continue its improvement as the Blazers drafted a mutli-input, 52" 1080p set this summer which is expected to push The Scoreboard for (dis)playing time.  "I don't worry about things like that.  That's beyond my control," said the Scoreboard.  "If coach wants me to come off the bench...well I won't fit on the bench really, but I'll do whatever it takes to help the team win."  The Scoreboard's teammates have confidence in him and he remains the most popular invitee to team dinners on the road.  Team Captain Brandon Roy sums it up, "Everywhere we go heads turn.  Sports Bars, team flights, everyone wants to see The Scoreboard."  It's a sure bet Blazer fans will be seeing more of him this year too.

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