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Camp Day Two Stories

There's so much Blazer junk on OregonLive's Blazer page that I'm not even going to single stuff out.  I'm just linking you to the whole kit-'n-kaboodle.  You can access the daily articles, Casey Holdahl's blog, and Quick and Freeman Behind the Blazers Beat from there.  Oh, well, except Joe Freeman did this nice article on Channing Frye that, in true pre-season fashion, will make you feel all warm and snuggly.  Apparently Channing gets mistaken for Lamarcus in public every day.  I don't see how people can make that mistake.  Channing is 6'10+1/2" tall while Lamarcus is clearly 6'10+3/4".  Come on folks.

Mike Barrett gives us the usual inside scoop on the Roy situation.  Excellent perspective as always.

The Columbian's Brian Hendrickson has an article on the opening of training camp.  Also good stuff.

Let's see, that's five separate sources of Blazer news that get updated regularly, plus the Tribune twice a week makes six.  And that's just primary sources, not counting places like Truehoop and here.  Do you think you have enough coverage of this team?  I doubt the New York/New Jersey teams have more.  I know the L.A. teams don't.  Lucky ducks you.

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