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Blazersedge Jersey Contest: Portland vs. San Antonio

This is the form for the Blazersedge Jersey Contest.  

PLEASE READ THE CONTEST RULES IN THE POST RIGHT BELOW BEFORE ENTERING.  I already spend a massive amount of time scoring these things.  Please don't make me spend more time answering questions multiple times and/or having to correct your entries.

Since there is only one game in October whoever predicts closest on this game will win a jersey!  Keep in mind this means you cannot win another the rest of the year so if you love playing more than winning hold off until next month (or predict really poorly).

Since a tie for the win would screw us up I have changed the format slightly to help prevent such a thing.  I have added more statistical categories than I would normally plus a couple extra bonus questions.  Each bonus question will be worth 10 points instead of 20 and correctly predicting the winner will be worth 20 instead of 30.  This form is a lot longer than a normal form would be. Sorry to go with a non-standard format on Game 1 but it's necessary.

For purposes of this game only if we still get a tie it will be resolved by awarding the win to the person who entered first.

Final Score:  Portland    San Antonio
Bonus Question #1:  Who will score the first Blazer points of the season?
Bonus Question #2:  How will those first points be scored:  Dunk, Layup, Three-Pointer, Free-Throw, Goal-Tending, or Other?
Bonus Question #3:  Will Sergio Rodriguez play MORE or LESS than 11.5 minutes?
Statistical Predictions:
Martell's Points--
Brandon's Assists--
Lamarcus' Offensive Rebounds--
Joel's Blocks--
Total Blazer Turnovers--

Good luck!

--Dave (

If you have questions about the contest please do not post them here.  Use the Rules post below.  This post is for entries only.