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The season is starting again and that means the Blazersedge Jersey Contest is up and running.  We're giving away a replica jersey each month to the contest winner.  Since there's only one game in the month of October that means the person with the highest score for the San Antonio game wins a jersey right off the bat!  WELCOME TO THE SEASON!

Here's how it goes.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!  Every year there are 30 people who make me write extra comments or e-mail responses because they can't be bothered actually reading the instructions.  Don't let that be you.


  1.  Only one entry per person and per IP address.  I do check and ALL your entries will be disqualified if there are duplicates.
  2.  For (almost) every game I will post a prediction form.  You must copy and paste that EXACT form into the comment section of that post and fill it out completely.
  3.  If you're going to make comments make them before or after the form, not in the middle of it.  It takes me all night to tally scores anyway.  If you make your form hard to read I'll just skip it.
  4.  The deadline for entry is the nearest hour or half-hour before the game tips and that is FIRM.  (In other words if tip-off is at 7:05 you must be entered by 7:00.  If the game tips at 4:35 local time 4:30 is the deadline.)  Any entry timestamped after the deadline will be deleted.
  5.  Once a person has won a jersey they are not eligible to win another one that season.  (This is also true of whoever wins on Tuesday.)  You can play for fun after that but cannot win.  However all jersey winners will be automatically entered in the end-of-season playoffs for the grand prize.

The basic idea is to predict as close as possible in all categories.  If you don't care to know more than that you can skip this section.

Each game is worth 100 possible points.  You get 30 points for correctly predicting the winner and 20 points for a bonus question posted with each game.  The remaining 50 points are awarded using this formula:

50 minus one point for each point you're off on your statistical predictions (including score).  So if you missed one's teams score by 5, the other's by 3, and your misses on specific stats totalled 8, you'd get 50 minus 5+3+8, or 50-16, or 34 points.  This would be added to the possible 30 and 20 you won for predicting the winner and bonus question and that would be your final score.

Note that I reserve the right to change the scoring format at any time. I'm toying with the idea of an extra bonus question and less emphasis on stats.

Scores are added cumulatively through the month.  The highest total score at the end of the month wins the prize.


Obviously the more games you enter the higher your cumulative score will be, so it's best to put in an entry for every game you can.  However everybody MUST skip one game during each month (except October, obviously).  This is to give people who can't be by their computer every day a fighting chance.  So if the Blazers play 17 games in a month the maximum number anyone can predict is 16.  I will indicate on the running scorecard who has skipped a game.


The winner each month will get to choose a replica jersey from in their preferred size, color, number, and name.  They will be the cheapest jerseys because I'm paying for this myself and I'm not made of money, but they're cool enough.

Anyone who gets a perfect 100 score on any game wins a jersey immediately.

Anyone who gets a (relatively sorry) score of 22 exactly in a game wins a bonus prize.  These are limited to one per month.  This year the bonus prizes are going to be site t-shirts.  I will unveil the design later but I will not order them until January so those who win them before New Year's will have to wait to receive theirs.


At the end of the year all jersey winners plus a number of close finishers will enter a special playoff round just for them.  The playoff format will be explained as it approaches.  The winner of the playoffs will win a grand prize and be declared Official Blazersedge Prognosticator for the year!


It's in the next post.  Have fun!

--Dave (

P.S. MAKE SURE THE E-MAIL ADDRESS YOU REGISTERED AT THIS SITE WITH IS ACTIVE. It's the only way I have to contact you if you win a jersey or bonus prize. If it's not active change it to one that is.