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Thursday News

Here is Jason Quick's game recap.  It's got a couple interesting observations in there, including a fan apparently goading Roy into that stellar fourth quarter performance.

Mike Barrett not only gives us his usual concise recap but flat-out declares the position battles over.  Click through to see the winnners.

Has anyone else noticed that Mike appears to be venturing a little further out on limbs lately?  First the declaration that Brent Petway and Chris Ellis would be cut days before they actually were (not exactly earth-shaking news, but still) and now anticipating the starting lineup decisions.  I like him pushing the envelope a little like that.

Finally for those who missed it here's the scoop on yesterday's trade between Miami and Minnesota.  Props to Lee3022 for the diary breaking the news.  

The 'Wolves get an out of shape Antoine Walker, a seldom-used Wayne Simien, Michael Doleac, and a very conditional first round pick to compensate for them accepting Antoine's bloated contract.  The Heat get scoring center Mark Blount and Ricky Davis.

It's hard to see where this trade hurts or helps either team.  The Heat were way at the end of their rope with Walker and I don't think he'll be a ton of help in Minnesota.  The 'Wolves are now awfully thin at center, though one could argue that scorers Blount and Al Jefferson didn't fit well together anyway.  On the other hand the Miami must not have gotten the memo that acquiring Ricky Davis is a sure sign your team has jumped the shark.  Two thumbs sideways all around.

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