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The Return of the Blazersedge Jersey Contest and GRAND PRIZE News!

As the regular season approaches so does the return of the famous Blazersedge Jersey Contest.  I'm sure those who were readers last year remember it fondly.  For those who weren't, here's how it goes:

Each month we run a contest to see who can predict Blazer games the best.  Don't worry about the format.  We'll get to that when we start.  The basic idea is that the winner each month gets a Replica Jersey from of the kind seen here.  This is not so much a way to drum up more readership (which I'm not sure is possible anyway given the overwhelming response) as a way for me to say "Thank You" for being a part of this community.  I'd love to buy you all a jersey but that's impossible, so you'll just have to settle for representative winners each month.

Anyway, each month's winner gets a jersey with any name they want on it, even their own.  Also each winner is automatically entered in our end-of-season playoffs, which gives you a chance to win our huge GRAND PRIZE.

Last year the Grand Prize involved a whole bunch of Blazer stuff.  It's going to this year also, but I'd also like to try something new.  I'd like to make the Grand Prize reflect our community here, so here's what I'm asking.  Many of you have special gifts or quirks that come out here from time to time.  I'd love to have some of you send in something representative of you to be put in the Grand Prize pool that the end-of-year winner would get.  We're not talking things you buy here, but homemade things or things particular to you.  For instance:

--Dr. Dave is our resident poet and may pledge a poem for the winner.
--Ken has been bragging forever that he makes the best beans in the whole universe.  Maybe he would share his recipe with the Grand Prize recipient.

See?  Quirky,!  Maybe somebody has an extra set of old Franz Blazer Cards (or even just one) or somebody else crochets stocking caps.  Your creativity is the only limit.  The idea is you'd mail these things to me and I'd collect them all year, then give them to the Grand Prize Winner next May (along with all the usual Blazer stuff they win).  If you have something to donate, e-mail me and I'll tell you how. more announcement.  I said we'd give away a jersey every month.  October is a month, right?  And we have one game in October.  So yes, you will have a chance to win a jersey in  (It's been a good summer, so why not?)  We'll put up the official form next week.  One more reason to look forward to opening night.  Enjoy and have fun!

--Dave (