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Blazersedge Night, Nov. 9th

We have tickets in hand for Blazersedge Night!

All those who are going, listen up...

The game is at 7:00 on November 9th.  We are going to meet at 6:30 to distribute tickets and get a group picture.  We'll have your name on a list and you can get them directly from us that night.  If for some reason this won't work for you e-mail me and let me know, but please try and make it work.  It's kind of a headache for us to mail all the tickets separately and besides, we'd like to see everyone gathered in one spot.

We are going to meet by the MEMORIAL COLISEUM (not the Rose Garden!) and walk over, so as to gather out of the way and avoid confusion.

Nate tells me a couple of tickets might have come available from people who ordered but didn't pay.  If you missed out but want to go, e-mail me and we might be able to hook you up if he hasn't sold them elsewhere yet.

We're looking forward to a great night!

--Dave (