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Chicken Strips and Chemistry

Here's a fantastic story from Jason Quick about the team on the road.  It's the kind of thing fans eat up because it makes your heart all warm and fuzzy.  I read it twice and got all sniffly the second time. It makes you feel good for coach too.

Oh, and at the end of the story it says the Blazers have been granted a $2.3 million injury exception to use for the year because of Oden's knee.  It's only good until Halloween, it's only good for one player, they'd have to release somebody to open up a roster spot, and Kevin Pritchard says it's not likely to be used.

--Dave (

P.S. I was just thinking that this kind of story also shows how pale "canned" public relations efforts are in comparison. If this is what people see your team doing you won't need to sell what kind of people they are. You don't just see it when the cameras are on them at special events, you see it in their normal lives. I was talking to a friend who interviewed a bunch of people about the Blazers and he says everybody he talked to from the Blazermania days has a story about seeing those guys on the street or meeting them somewhere and what a nice experience it was. That's what the team-fan relationship around here is all about.