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Disperse the Curse!

Ladies and Gentlemen the moment has arrived.

After weeks of accepting mail and a little bit of legwork of my own, we are finally ready to disperse, reverse, abjure, defer, dispel, repel, absolve, and resolve any lingering bad juju surrounding the team which may be manifesting itself in this new era.  To that end we have collected a whole bunch of juju-attracting material, pictured here.

As you can see these items include:

--Bill Walton's foot
--Sam Bowie's broken leg
--Derek Anderson's teeth
--Brandon Roy's orthopedic insert
--Zach Randolph's bling
--J.R. Rider's coke can
--Shawn Kemp's nose candy
--A number of trading cards (popular items in the mail) including Mark Bryant and Harvey Grant Franz cards, two Danny Ainge rookie cards from his stint with the Toronto Blue Jays, and an official copy of Qyntel Woods' "Driver's License"
--Ruben Patterson's wisdom (the hot air surrounding it all, soon to be hotter)
--All of the "new leaves" turned over by Bonzi Wells over the course of his career
--Most importantly of all, 98 letters, post cards, and post-it notes sent in by fans with "disperse the curse" written on them

Here's how this is going to work.  Tomorrow Today (Saturday) at about two minutes and eighteen seconds past the hour of 2:00 Pacific (click the top link on this page if you don't get the reference) all of this stuff is going into the burn barrel.  As the smoke ascends anyone who wants to can think happy thoughts, or whatever it is that you do.  At that point the bad juju will drift away with the wind and the good juju will be here to stay.  That's the way it works, you know.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send stuff.  Good thoughts tomorrow!

--Dave (

P.S.  Close ups of Zach's bling and Sam's leg.