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Who? What? How? WHY????

Despite the three-word headline starting and ending with a preposition (and featuring ALL CAPS) this is a good article from Jason Quick on the permutations of the roster spot battles. I think this quote shows as much as anything about where Nate's mind is:

"Really, I'm not going to have to make those decisions, the players are," McMillan said. "If I give you that shot to finish the game, you better take advantage of it. If I give you that shot, and you blow it, you miss it or you turn it over, then we are going to somebody else. And with this team, we are able to do that. So, it's the players who are going to decide who gets the chances."

Also check out the pre-season skinny on Nate's nine man rotation here.

(sigh) I'm sure Jason would remind me that he writes the articles, not the headlines. I just fear someday we're going to see the boxscore titled WHO SHOT WHAT!

--Dave (