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January Jersey Contest: Game 4

Come one, come all and try winning a Blazer replica jersey!  It's not too late to start even if you haven't predicted any games yet.  Even the leaders are not wholly out of sight and there are a lot of games left.  Just copy the form below into the comment section of this post and fill in the numbers!

A Special Offer for This Game Only:

Those who are following closely may notice that the main keys to scoring high are predicting the winner correctly and answering the bonus question right.  You get 30 points for the former and 20 more for the latter.  That's equivalent to getting every single stat prediction right to the dot (which would be worth 50).  With even the highest scores only reaching the 70's having the 50 in the bag to start with ensures a good showing.

But here's the deal...this game is so lopsided that everyone is likely to pick San Antonio as the winner and pocket an easy 30 points.  That's no fun at all.  So since we're Blazer fans, and to give big risk-takers a chance to score huge, I will double those 30 winner-prediction points for anybody who chooses the Blazers in this contest (should the Blazers actually win, of course).  To be clear:  if you predict San Antonio you'll get 30 points if they win, but if you predict Portland to win you'll get 60 if they win.  That sets up a potential 90-point swing (others not getting 30 and you getting 60) on the winner prediction alone.  Of course the Spurs are probably going to win and you'll lose the opportunity for 30 easy points, but hey, every team has at least one win in the season that's wholly, completely unexpected.  If you're a gambler and you think tonight is their night...

Game 4 Prediction Form

Final Score:  Portland    San Antonio
Bonus Question:  Will anyone for the Blazers foul out or be ejected for technicals?
Stats Predictions:
Roy's Assists--
Jamaal's Rebounds--
Aldridge's Minutes--
Total Blazer Turnovers--

Good luck and have fun!  A jersey awaits someone at the end of the month!

--Dave (