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January Jersey Contest: Game 3

You can jump in the jersey contest any time during the month of January.  Just copy the form below into the comments section for this post, fill in a couple numbers, and you're set.  You get 30 points for predicting the winner correctly, 20 for answering a bonus question, and up to 50 for statistical predictions.  Whoever has the most total points at the end of the month wins.  Give it a try!

A special note for this game:
For most games you have a pretty clear shot at figuring the range of the final score.  Sacramento is up-tempo, so it's going to be high.  San Antonio has great defense and plays halfcourt so it'll probably be low.  With a little research, or even scanning our own game previews, you can make an educated guess.  I don't see that happening tonight since Miami is so hurt.  So we're going to do the score prediction a little differently.  Instead of predicting final scores for both teams you're just going to give me a winner and by how much they'll win (e.g. Heat by 3 or Blazers by 14).  That means your range is good and you have a chance to score points no matter if the game is in the 80's or in the 100's.

Game 3 Format:

The [fill in team] will win by [fill in number] points.
Bonus Question:  Who will be the Blazers' leading scorer BESIDES Zach?
Zach's Offensive Rebounds:
Martell's Points:
Jack's Assists:
Blazers' Total Steals:

The submission deadline is one hour before game time.  Good luck!

--Dave (