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January Jersey Contest: Game 2

The Sacramento game isn't until Saturday, but because so many of us are weekday readers (which means we can only see our way clear to following the Blazers when people are paying us to do something else, I suppose...) I decided to put the predictions post up today.  The thread will be open for predictions up until one hour before game time.  The time/date function of this site sometimes goes wonky so be safe and get your predictions in early.

For those who didn't get in on the first game, don't worry.  There are tons of games to predict in January so you can easily make up ground.  Start anytime and register a prediction for as many games as you want.  (Only one prediction per game per customer though.)  Entering is easy...just copy the lines below into a comment for this thread and fill in the information.  You score 30 points for predicting the winner, 20 points for the bonus question, and up to 50 points from statistical predictions.  The person with the most total points at month's end wins a replica Blazer jersey of their choice.

Here's the format for this game:

Final Score: Portland--  Sacramento--

Bonus Question:  Lamarcus Aldridge minutes, over or under 9 in this game?

Stats Predictions:

# of Przybilla blocks--
# of Jack turnovers--
# of Roy points--
# of Webster shot attempts--

Good luck and have fun!  Even if you think you don't know much about the game it costs nothing to try, so go ahead and give it a shot!  You never know what could happen...

--Dave (