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January Jersey Contest Scoreboard: Game 1

Here are the results after Game 1.  It was a very unusual game statistically, so don't feel bad if you didn't score high.  Zach really messed a lot of people up by only attempting one free throw!  Also a ton of people had more faith in the Blazers than they ended up deserving.  If it wasn't your best score just remember that 100 points are possible per game and people flip-flopped often last month.

To keep my sanity I'm going to have to keep scores alphabetized by screen name throughout the month.  I will bold the three leaders after each game and you can see how you compare.

Game 1 Results:
Portland 81  New York 99
First off bench:  Dixon or Magloire (they came in together)
Jamaal's Rebounds:  6
Joel's Fouls:  4
Juan's Points:  2
Zach's FT Attempts: 1

BBFred  0
Belectica 24
BlazerBandit  8
BlazerMunky 1
BMerrell  0
Bothteamsplayedhard 23
Bretski  27
Bucky Blazer 0
Clay  0
DCBlazer 1
DevynLindquist 71
DJ  21
DrawingJeremy  (late entry DQ'ed but would have gotten 20)
DrDave 0
DropstepJ 50
Fromagnon 7
Gavin  2
JC Burg 24
Jim E 40
JkSnake99 3
Jorga 48
JPOregon 35
Junit3123 66
Ketmore 50
Lena  10
Lily  21
Luckyride 4
MajorTheo 43
Rockingharder  20
Saregister 0
Shenanigans  20
Ssa400 73
Usmcr3049 10
Wolfman97080  43
XarXar 48
Zenbowl 20

For those interested in the scoring system:

30 points for predicting a Knicks victory
20 points for predicting either Magloire or Dixon as the first off the bench
Up to 50 more points as follows:

Start with 50...
Subtract the following:
Difference in NY score prediction
Difference in POR score prediction
Difference in Magloire rebounds (x2)
Difference in Przybilla fouls (x2)
Difference in Dixon points
Difference in Zach FTA

--Dave (