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I'm not going to post the open thread just yet because there might be more to say today and I'd like it on top this evening, but this reminder...

There is going to be one heck of a party right here tonight at 7:00 p.m. Pacific.  The game is televised on League Pass but not locally, which means some of us are stuck with radio while others have TV.  A few of those with TV will be here to comment on the game, so why don't all you with radios snuggle up to the keyboard and join us?  It's an incredibly exciting way to follow the action and even better when you can devote your eyes to the computer monitor instead of splitting attention between it and the T.V.

So set a cold beverage of choice by your computer tonight, tune to the appropriate station, and bring your thoughts, observations, and just plain old-fashioned rooting to the gathering.  Let's all hope the Blazers give us a game to remember, but even if it's a blowout to the bad there's still plenty of stuff to chat about.  See you there!

[Update:] LOL So I have this dream last night. I'm in a New York City public library at a computer terminal and it's time for the game. They have it playing on a TV on the wall (because apparently in NYC they get League Pass in public libraries?). All I have to do is log on to BlazersEdge where everybody has come to discuss the game and is expecting me. But the keyboard is all weird and half the keys are mismarked and half are not working and there's no "enter" key at all that I can see. So I start to figure out how to type in "" by trial and error. Except there's another catch, which is the address bar resets every time a commercial changes or something, so it's basically a 30-second race to type it in before it gets switched...on a keyboard that doesn't work. Long story short, it's the middle of the second quarter, I still haven't succeeded, and everybody online is going, "Where's Dave? He said he'd be here!" Apparently this is what passes for an anxiety dream when you're a blogger...

--Dave (