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The January Jersey Contest!

Given the beaming smiles on the faces of DuckBlazer and Dr. Dave when they won their jerseys, we've decided to offer another one for January.  The format will be familiar but there's a different twist.

Before each remaining game in January I will post a Jersey Contest Thread (like this one).  Anyone who wants to enter predictions for that game can post in the comment section of the thread.  Similar to last month's contest you earn points for every game, so obviously the more games you predict the better chance you have of earning the most points by the end of the month.

As always only one screen name/entry per person is allowed.  You must make all your predictions for the month under the same screen name.

The general prediction format will stay the same throughout the month but the specific things I ask you to predict may change from game to game to keep things interesting.  

The jersey winner will be the person who has accumulated the most total points at the end of the month.

Here's the format for this game:

Final Score: Portland--  New York--
Bonus Question:  Who is the first Portland player off the bench tonight?
Stats Predictions:
# of Magloire Rebounds--
# of Przybilla fouls--
# of Dixon points--
# of Zach free-throw attempts--

Simply copy and paste that into a comment for this thread, fill in the numbers, and you're entered!

100 points are possible for each game.  You earn 30 for getting the winner correct, 20 for answering the bonus question correctly, and 50 more points are possible from predicting the final score and stats questions.

Good luck and have fun! Even if you think you don't know much about the game it costs nothing to try, so go ahead and give it a shot! You never know what could happen...

--Dave (