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GAMEDAY OPEN THREAD: Timberwolves vs. Blazers

Note #1:  Don't forget to vote in the BlazersEdge mid-season awards below and to enter the jersey contest too.

Note #2:  Yes, indeed, I will be live chatting during tonight's game right here in this thread.  I hope everybody who can will join us.  It's WAY more fun experiencing the game with others and we've got quite the little rooting section here.  With 7-8 of us we've been getting between 300-400 comments per game.  If we ever got a couple dozen of us in here we'd break 1000 comments and NOBODY does that.  It'll happen someday, mark my words.  Is tonight the night?  Drag your laptop (or heck, your desktop) in front of the TV and find out.  Your wife is already mad that your 60" plasma has ruined the living room's ambiance so a few more cords won't make a difference!

Register all your pre-game thoughts, in-game comments, and post-game reflections right here!

--Dave (