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As you have no doubt noticed, spam e-mail is on the rise in this little online universe of ours.  As someone whose e-mail address is public and repeated at least four-odd times a day, I get more than my share.  Ahhhh...the price of fame.

Nevertheless, for those who write me at the blog address, a request:  Please use the word Blazers or Blog or even Blazersedge somewhere in your subject headline.  Names of players will also do, or something distinctive at least.  Please don't title your e-mails "Hello" or "A Note for You" or some other nebulous heading which makes me try to guess whether your name sounds like a reader or a spambot.  Those of you who are long-time correspondents don't have to worry so much, as I know your addresses by sight.  But even then there's the risk of your note getting sorted into the "bulk" (i.e. "spam") file and a prominent word in the title helps catch my eye before they're irrevocably deleted.

I wouldn't want to miss any of your letters or have you think I was unresponsive.  This simple step will help make sure I actually get to see what you write!

--Dave (