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What the HECK?

The Oregonlive Blazer webpage is very interesting this morning.  First of all there's a great, uplifting article by Jason Quick with talk about, and quotes from, many of the team's young players.  It won't be new material to most of you, but it's nice to have a reminder how nice and hopeful this team is.  That article is here.

But that's not what inspired this thread title...

In the "Part 2" heading of that section is another article entitled "McMillan and Patterson Clash Again".  I clicked on that with interest, as I wanted to know why the coach and GM were arguing, and what's more when they had argued the first time (precipitating the "again") and why I missed it.  Well, it turns out they're talking about Ruben Patterson.  The article is a year old.  I'm not sure why it's posted.  Maybe they were posting another article and got the link wrong.  Whatever caused it, it's a timely and ironic reminder as the Bucks roll into town.  And now Ruben can say with some truthfulness, "Hah!  They're STILL talking about me here!"

The second article is here.  Catch it before they take it down.  (Had anybody been there that I knew this weekend I would have been a nice guy and written them instead of posting about it here, but that won't do any good on a weekend.  So we might as well take advantage of it while it's there.  Click soon or it will probably disappear...if you want a walk down memory lane, that is.)

--Dave (