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January Jersey Contest: Game 9

Playing Phoenix in Phoenix tonight.  We're just coming off a big win and are primed for a letdown.  They've won, like, a dozen in a row.  They are able to exploit all our weaknesses.  All indications say we should lose and lose handily.  That's exactly why people should expect the unexpected.  The basketball gods don't like it when one team is so overwhelmingly favored.  If the lesser team has only a small chance, they let it pass, but when there's NO chance they work some kind of weird hoopster juju and crazy things happen.

SO...that's my long way of saying that once again we will reward anyone who picks the Blazers tonight with DOUBLE their total score should the Blazers actually win.  It's an opportunity for up to 200 points for you gamblers.

Also note that you can still win a bonus prize at the end of the month if you end up with exactly 22 points and you can win a jersey IMMEDIATELY if you somehow predict the perfect game (100 or 200 points depending on who you picked to win).

Just copy and paste the form below into the comment section of the post and fill in the numbers.  It's as easy as that.  All entries must be submitted no later than half an hour before game time (5:30 p.m. local time).

Game 9 Contest Form:
Final Score:  Blazers    Suns
Bonus Question:  Juan Dixon or Sergio Rodriguez...who gets more minutes?
Statistical Predictions:
Roy's Points--
Sergio's Assists--
Zach's Rebounds--
Blazer Total Turnovers--

--Dave (