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Anybody's Ride Need a Makeover?

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you look in the left sidebar you will see that (drumroll please) Blazersedge has it's first official site-specific ad!  (For those not in the know, all the banner ads you see at the top of the site and in the comment section belong to the network...we don't see a dime from them.  They go to pay for this online space.)

A couple weeks ago Max, the owner of Best Wheel, wrote a wonderful letter and said he was a transplanted Blazer fan who's never forgotten the team.  He said he loved this site too and wanted to support it.  So...a picture and some text later...TAH DAH!

As I promised a few weeks ago, at least in the early going 100% of ad revenue will be put back into the site in the form of contest prizes and such.  So all of you who are winning jerseys for a little while can thank Max and Best Wheel.  (Also there might be another ad or two coming and if that happens...just you wait!)

It would be a wonderful favor to me and the site if, when you're interested in new wheels or tires, you'd give a look.  In fact I've clicked through already and MAN...they do have a huge amount of stuff there!  And they are very enthusiastic about their product.  It's fun to look over their inventory even if you're just window shopping.  They say they do wheels for everything from compact cars, SUVS, trucks, even mini-vans, so if your wife stuck you with the old, white Chrysler Town + Country why not put some rims on that puppy?  (I don't know why, Ken, but I'm looking at you.)

I noticed have a comment page in their "contact us" section.  If you wanted to write a little thank you for their sponsorship of Blazersedge and let them know they're on your list of places to check out when you're shopping for wheels and tires, that would just be nifty.

Tip: Browse by brand of automobile in the pull-down list at the bottom of the page. They have wheels in all price ranges!

--Dave (