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Jksnake99 was good enough to predict the game in the Jersey Contest thread below even though he assesses his chances of coming out on top at the end of the month as low.  I tried to encourage him by citing personal pride, the chance to miss by so much that you hit exactly 22 and get a bonus prize, and finally by holding out the carrot that nobody in the (short) history of the contest has ever gotten above 90.  How much would you be able to brag about predicting the perfect game?

That got me thinking...a perfect game SHOULD be rewarded.  So I make the following decree:

The first person to score 100 on an otherwise legal entry for one of these prediction contests (meaning submitted on time and no duplicate entries) will automatically win a jersey on the spot.  

(Quasi-legal disclamers:  If two people somehow get 100 on the same day then the person who submitted their prediction first will win the jersey.  I reserve the right to withdraw the offer if the contest format ever changes so that scoring points becomes easier.) everybody has something to shoot for each game even if they don't think they can catch up.

--Dave (