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January Jersey Contest: Game 7

Since it's harder for people to check up regularly on the weekends I'm posting this early.  You know how to do it by now...just copy the form into the comments section of this post, fill in the numbers, and your prediction is registered.

As last game showed, anything can happen on any given night.  Also remember anyone who gets exactly 22 points (not a good score, but oh well) gets a bonus prize.

Scoring is:
30 points for predicting the winner correctly
20 points for the bonus question
Up to 50 extra points for the stats

Game 7 Prediction Form
Final Score:  Portland      Denver
Bonus Question:  Who will get more minutes, Joel Przybilla, Jamaal Magloire, OR Lamarcus Aldridge?
Statistical Predictions:
Lamarcus' Rebounds--
Roy's Points--
Sergio's Assists--
Blazer Field Goal Percentage (pick a whole number, no decimals)*--

*A .5 final result (like 44.5%) will be rounded to the number most favorable to each predictor (44 or 45 depending on what you picked).  Any other result will be rounded to the nearest whole number (44.3% becomes 44, 44.6% becomes 45).

Good luck, and enjoy!

--Dave (