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January Jersey Contest Game 6

Submit predictions for the January Jersey Contest here.  Devyn is holding his lead (as someone else pointed out by being eerily on target game after game) but it's growing narrower as the pack hones in.  There are still plenty of games for those in the chase.

To enter simply copy the form below into the comment section of this post and fill in the numbers.  It's easy!

The scoring is 30 points for predicting the winner correctly, 20 points for the bonus question, and a possible 50 extra for statistical correctness.

Remember anyone who (rather unfortunately) scores exactly 22 points in any individual game will receive a bonus prize at the end of the contest.

Game 6 Form
Final Score:  Blazers   Kings  
Bonus Question:  Who will have more steals, Brandon or Jarrett?
Statistical Predictions:
Zach's Assists--
Dixon's Points--
Total Number of Blazer Dunks--
Total Number of Blazer Turnovers--

Good luck and have fun!

UPDATE: As is always the case when someone involved in a question/statistical category doesn't play, it's considered a push. Everyone gets 20 points for the bonus question tonight.

--Dave (