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Game 38 Preview: Kings vs. Blazers

We just played the Kings a week ago so I'm not going to do another full preview.  You can read the last one here if you wish.

Short Summary:

--Come out with hustle and energy because we can't out-finesse them...if it's a "nice" game they'll win
--When their guards exploit you, exploit them right back
--If you have to choose, make them shoot deep (addendum:  but not Dallas-wide-open deep)
--Our big guys need to be in double-digit rebounds.  Joel...where are you?
--Get back transition.  Be smart and patient with your own offense.  Slow the game down without being passive.

My dad is going to this game and he hasn't been to a game in years.  So if you see a really handsome slightly older gentleman sitting near you, that might be him!  If you have any prayers, cosmic energy, or other random juju to send the Blazers' way tonight please do it so he'll have a good time.

--Dave (