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Open Discussion Thread: Advice to the Blazers

It seems like forever since we've had enough of a break to open up a discussion thread.  So here you go...

It's got to be of continuing concern to the Blazers that the Rose Garden crowds are not as large as they could be.  Sure there was a sell-out the other night against the World Champs but there has also been a record low or two this season...and this is with a more fan-friendly team and a better record than last season.  I've talked about this before in this space and suggested some ideas for getting fans to believe again but I'd like to hear your perspective...your PERSONAL perspective.  So here's the question of the day:

What do you need to see in order for the Blazers to get you back or take you to the next level of participation?

I suppose "back" or "next level" could mean several things depending on your current state of fandom.  For some it might mean going to a game.  For others it might mean going to several or buying season tickets.  For all of you $199 season ticket holders it means ponying up when the prices go to $500 for that same package.  (You do know they can't offer $199 season tickets forever, don't you?)  I guess if you're already paying full price for season tickets you can change the question to "What will it take to keep you?"

However you define it, what I'd like to know is what YOU will need to see for YOU to participate/attend/commit/spend.  I'm not so interested in "the Blazers should do X to get more people" or "people will only come back when they win".  We've had that discussion a few times already.  I'd like to see posts that start "To commit and stay I need to see..."  (Then if that's "more wins" or some fancy program that's fine to say.)

I think this would be an interesting read for us to get perspective on each other and the state of the Portland fan base, but it could also be interesting to the Blazer office as well.  After all, who is more expert about your Blazer leanings and desires than you?  Who knows...maybe you guys will help build their blueprint for success!

Note also that this would be a great thread for new people to start commenting and get their feet wet a little. By definition everybody's opinion is equally valid and important on this one since we're all just speaking for ourselves...

--Dave (