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January Jersey Contest: Game 5

Well, the Blazers couldn't pull it off against the mighty Spurs last night.  But I hear that compulsive gamblers love nothing so much as throwing good money after bad, so let's test that.

Last night's offer of doubling your 30 game-winner prediction points if you take the Blazers and they win is extended into tonight...except I'll do it one better.  If you pick the Blazers to win and they pull it off, I will double your entire score.  Last night's maximum potential with a miracle win was only 130 points.  Tonight it's 200.  And note that the contest leaders sit right around 210-230 at the moment, so this could get somebody near (or at) the front of the pack real quick.  It won't decide the contest because there are way too many games left, but it'll make it even more interesting.

Also as an added incentive for people to play even if they don't think they have a shot at catching up (which they do anyway) I am instituting the following for the remainder of the contest:

If anyone scores exactly 22 points for an individual game (in honor of Clyde's number, of course) they will receive a special prize.  The limit on those is one per person.  Of course you don't really want to shoot for 22 because it's a low score (and theoretically getting it is just as hard as getting 100), but if it happens at least there's a bonus in it for you.  It has already happened a couple times, which gave me the idea.  (Sorry to those who did it, the offer isn't retroactive.)

To enter, just copy the form below into the comments section of this post.  You get 30 points for correctly predicting the winner, 20 for the bonus question, and up to 50 for correct score and stat predictions.

Game 5 Form:

Final Score:  Blazers   Mavericks
Bonus Question:  Will Juan Dixon be over or under 17 minutes?
Stat Predictions:
Jarrett Jack's Points--
Ime Udoka's Rebounds--
Lamarcus Aldridge's Blocks--
Number of Blazer Players Who Score in Double Figures--

Good luck and enjoy!

--Dave (