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Roy Story

The Trib has a nice article on B-Roy today.  It says all the usual classy stuff you'd expect.  Of interest to me was this quote from Nate:

McMillan says he has no more of a plan for Roy during the preseason "than any of the other guys," the coach says. "He'll play both guard positions. I like him at the 2 more than the point, because I like an off guard who can handle the ball. We'll try to take advantage of that."

Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago that McMillan was talking about Roy at the back-up point, then everybody starting talking like that was his primary role?  This doesn't necessarily contradict the other quote, but it's another example of how it's wise not to get too far out on a limb with what Nate says in public.  It changes every few weeks.  I actually like that though.  It makes it more interesting.  And I don't think it matters a bit once he gets behind closed doors.

I did like him mentioning the wonderful things having a 2-guard that can handle does for your team.  As I said last week, that's a luxury we haven't had for a while and it has hurt us, especially while trying to develop young point guards.

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