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Burying Your Predecessor

As you have probably seen at the Oregonlive blog, brand new blogger Casey "Lance Uppercut" Holdahl has let the cat out of the bag as to exactly where and why former blogger Eric Marentette departed.  And yes, it's true, Eric is going to work for the big media darling in purple and gold.  In true John Canzano style I will tell you that I could have broken that story to the world, but you don't always report everything you know.  We had a meeting with the editorial staff at Blazersedge, and we discussed things like journalistic responsibility and fairness, and we decided to preserve the memory of Eric's fine blog work rather than make a scandalous and wretched story our last memory of him.  Alas (sigh) that was not to be.

But now that the gloves are off on talking about one's immediate predecessor, I should let you know (purely in the interests of full disclosure) that I have met Casey/Lance also, and although he is a VERY nice guy I have it on good authority that when the blogging day is done he unwinds by going home and painting his toenails bright pink while listening to Aqua's "Barbie Girl", all the while mooning over a poster of Shawn Kemp in a Cavs uniform.  

The official report from the DA should be out soon...

--Dave (