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Now THIS Is Funny

It's been a while since I've read through the OregonLive Blazer Forum but I cruised through late last night and found the following from someone called "Blazeradamus":

And so, the troubled son did look unto the light of the lord, and the lord did shine his light upon the head bonking one.

"Bonketh not thine head upon scoring! And changeth not into street clothes until thy contest is done. Respect thy coach, and call him not a&%^@#~~!@! Do these things and thy name will be lifted from the roles of the European League, and spoketh not with the same breath as Kemp and Rider. Do this all in my name..."

Thus did Darius Miles turn from his evil ways, and earneth his Bobble Head of redemption!

Could it be our own BlazerProphet has some competition?  Too funny!

--Dave (