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Almost Forgot

It's not like me to do three posts in a day, but I forgot to include this in the Site News post below.

Another interactive feature that I hope to implement is having eyewitness reports from as many of the games as possible this year.  Basically you just shoot me an e-mail analysis after you get home from the game and I re-post it on the site.  I'll probably post or e-mail a suggested list of things to watch for, but mostly it's your impressions of what was important that night along with any off-camera stuff we might not have picked up on TV.  (It's never the same on video as it is live.)

I don't anticipate we'll have much problem getting people to report in for home games but if you live in another NBA city and plan to see the Blazers play in your town I'd LOVE to hear from you and make you our official correspondent in your town. (If one or two of you season ticket holders want to volunteer to take the Portland post that's fine too. We'll always take submissions from other folks too but it'd be nice to have a steady diet.)

--Dave (